Just a Bunch of “Dudes”

By Bryce Marvin

Once upon a time there were five Texas A&M Seniors, Cory and Coby Cotton, Cody Jones, Tyler Toney, and Garrett Hilbert, that decided to record a few trick shots they were doing in their backyard. After several hours of filming, they had a three and a half minute video that caught the attention of thousands of viewers. Within a few days, ABC invited them on their news program. They were so impressed that they argued whether it could possibly be real, and even Diane Sawyer called the shots “mouthwatering.”

Although the crew at Dude perfect knew they had to do something even bigger if they ever hoped to keep their fame going.

In September of 2009, they released their video titled, “World’s Longest Basketball Shot” where the dudes threw a basketball from the nose bleed stands at their college football stadium and drained it. That video made it on the front of Yahoo!, and just within a couple of hours has received two million views. It was being viewed everywhere; from Spain to Israel and many more. And thus Dude Perfect was born and destined to be YouTube sensations.

Since the release of their first few videos, Dude Perfect has gained 9.27 million subscribers maxresdefault-1and more than 1.53 billion total video views. Their tricks have evolved over time from crazy basketball shots to archery trick shots, paintball trick shots, golf shots, go-kart tricks, and more. They have made videos representing different stereotypes, such as those you may see on a basketball court, a golf course, or even at the movie theaters. Having grown up together, they seem like a bunch of brothers who are always pushing one another to do something a little better than the last one. There is no doubt that they are all best friends and love to tease each other and have a good time.

Their popularity has blown up over the past few years. Their quirky and spontaneous style has caught the attention of major companies such as Ruffles, Southwest Airlines, Nerf, Bass Pro shop and the list goes on and on. They have even had professional athletes as guests on a number of their episodes. Their most recent exciting announcement is their new TV show that will premier April 14, 2016.

Beyond all the attention and success that they have had, their most impressive talent is their humble attitude and their dedication to their strong Christian background.


In an interview with The Daily Dot, Coby Cotton said, “We’ve all been fortunate enough to grow up with families that help teach us about faith and what we believe. That’s been essential to us throughout this whole process. We don’t have an underlying goal of converting people, but we do know that we have a platform that’s been a gift to us. We want to use that in a way that’s honoring God.”

On top of their videos, Dude Perfect is working to raise awareness of problems in the world that need addressing such as poverty and the clean water crisis in Africa.

It is comforting to see the success that these friends are able to have as they have stayed true to their beliefs. Finding family friendly entertainment only gets harder each day, but it is refreshing to know that there are successful groups who remind us where all good things come from.



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