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The “Not So Trivial” Star Wars Quiz

With the next episode just weeks away, Star Wars is on the brain. So we thought it as time for our “Not-So-Trivial” Star Wars Quiz. See how you do…


Link: Star Wars Needs a Crisis of Faith

In a post at Patheos.com, LDS writer and pop culture critic Cody Ray Shafer argues and explains how the original Star Wars trilogy included a lot of literal and metaphorical lessons about faith — which were mostly lost in the almost pathetic, shoot-em-up sequels. He hopes J.J. Abrams and the new movies will pick up where the original trilogy left off.

The Force is always rewarded; with telekinesis, visions, laser swords, and sometimes actual lightning. Real life spiritual battles are far less spectacular, but that’s why it works as a metaphor. We often claim that faith can move mountains, and in Star Wars it actually does.

A fun read.

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